Press office in Padua: a strategic choice.


EBeing present on the territory, deeply immersed in its entrepreneurial system and close to most of our customers: a choice that allows us to master its strengths and dynamics knowing what aspects to enhance in communication.

Solid media relations, built over time.

Our job is precisely this: identify all the newsworthy topics of a reality and highlight themselecting the contents and making them immediately usable for the press, obtaining free spaces that allow companies to improve their reputation and gain visibility and contacts.
n activity made possible by a privileged relation built over time withmedia online e offline, ranging from the sector to general titles, both nationally and locally.
A trusted relation nurtured and consolidated day after day for over 40 years, which allows us to be a safe and reliable reference point for journalists, who rely on us to simplify their work.
2020: close everywhere thanks to digital tools

Over the past year, the pandemic and its implications have been the necessary input for us to make these relations even closer find new ways to be near to our interlocutors, eliminating all distances.. We see each other less in person - and we look forward to it! - but digital tools have allowed us to eliminate travel times and to be able to count on an even more numerous and attentive presence to the events we have organized, giving us the opportunity to bring the press closer to the reality of our customers.
Press office in Padua: corporate communication.

And what about corporate communication? The direct knowledge of all the key figures of the territory, from the directors of local newspapers to the correspondents of the main national newspapers, allows us to build tailored actions to enhance the entrepreneurial qualities and initiatives of our customers, giving space to the most suitable means thanks to the personal relationship with the figures able to amplify the messages.

Support for the communication of international customers.

The knowledge of the territory, combined with that of the media also allow us to be "the bridge" for international companies that decide to land on the Italian market. In this case it is our task to help them to properly map the communication means and optimize the language and tone of voice of the content, to get in touch effectively and immediately with their target audience.