Press review: how to build and make the most of it.

The press review is the final result of the work of a press office and one of the most important services for the client.
The press office creates and spreads press releases to journalists and editors, that turn them into articles, which they publish on magazines or on online.
The press review must collect all the publications related to a particular news, a product launch, an event or in general about the company. How to build a complete and effective press review? Here is how to realize it and use it to the best.
What’s a press review and how is it done?

The press review is useful to collect and catalogue all the editorials (obtained for free) that concern a news, published on magazines or online, on websites, blogs or social media.
For the collection of clippings we rely on professional monitoring tools, which we support with our own research for a cross-check. The direct and daily relation with journalists allows us to know as much as possible when and how certain news will be published, in order to give an immediate feedback to the client.
All the collected editorials are classified in a coherent way to create precise reports, very useful to verify the diffusion of a news and measure its impact in relation to the communication objectives.
Each issue is accompanied by specific and always up-to-date information on the magazine: circulation, readership or – as per sites or blogs – unique users and monthly visits.
For each of our customers we have set a fixed day for receiving the press review. As far as newspaper releases are concerned, they must be sent even more quickly, on the day of publication.
The press review as a marketing tool.

And once received by the client? The press review should not remain a mere list of publications. It is a very useful communication tool to increase the reputation and prestige of the company. But how to do it? Here are some examples.
- Send the press review to the sales or customers: a way to share the communication results and an important commercial lever. For the same reason, create a periodic newsletter with press coverage could be an interesting idea;

- Publish the most significant issues on social media: including articles in your editorial plan is also very useful for developing the sense of belonging of those who are part of the organization, that will be led to share the result on their own personal channels;

- Create a press section on the company website that will enhance the brand’s prestige and improve its perception towards those who approach it for the first time, generating a sense of trust;

- Send press reviews related to specific projects to your partners. We create and share collections of articles on specific projects, for example with architects and designers with whom our customers collaborate. A service very appreciated.

The press review to measure the communication results.

The reporting activity is very important to obtain feedback on communication activities. Knowing when, where and how the news was published allows you to measure a ROI that is in fact indefinable: the confidence in the brand and the awareness that derive from a constant and continuous presence in the media are difficult to quantify. However, measuring the press review can provide important indicators to understand how to act to offer a better service.