A new voice for companies: the growth of podcasts and audio content.

What is a podcast?
The word Podcast is a neologism that merges the terms iPod and broadcast. A communication channel with great potential, which uses the voice to establish relationships and tell stories. If abroad podcasts are already part of the lives of millions of people, also in Italy they have found an increasing number of users and fans. A market that has been growing for five years, which in 2020 saw the decisive leap after the first lockdown, that has given unprecedented acceleration to the use of digital tools.

Podcast as an emerging channel for corporate communication.
As reported by Prima Comunicazione magazine, between December 2019 and March 2020, the monthly average of podcast ratings on Spreaker - the most used platform to download podcasts - has increased by 50%. The boom of smart speakers and easy-to-use apps available for smartphones like Audible or Spotify did the rest. A new possibility also for companies, who have the opportunity to tell themselves in a new way, also taking advantage of the great usability of podcasts: listening is easy and you can do it at home, while you prepare dinner, doing sports or returning from work.

New social networks based on listening: Clubhouse
On this track it is impossible not to mention Clubhouse, the social media of the moment, launched at the end of 2020 and currently available only for iOS devices. It can be accessed only by invitation of members already present and, once entered, head to the various "rooms" to discuss, exclusively by voice, on different topics. A tool that requires a consumption radically different from the others social networks.
How is publishing world responding to these news?
io Donna, the women’s magazine by Corriere della Sera directed by Danda Santini, announced a few days ago the launch of its room Royal Mania by io Donna on Clubhouse and the presentation of the second series of podcasts of God save The Queen.
We just have to keep our eyes, and especially our ears, open and study the opportunities that can emerge from these tools to create an increasingly effective and engaging storytelling.