Product PR: what is changed during the pandemic and how will product communication evolve?

This is the question that Interni asked us, that offers the opportunity to explain our point of view of communication professionals in design. A sector characterized by a continuous change in which updating, training and knowing how to grasp and interpret trends is fundamental.
In a context of media overexposure such as the current one, in which professionals and consumers are constantly exposed to informations, it becomes essential to follow a "holistic" approach to communication, creating a transversal message that can adapted to various media without losing its effectiveness.

Evolution and adaptation are the keys to respond to the new needs of our customers, who have to find a new way to express themselves. In our opinion, dealing with "Product PR" means just listening, to lay the foundations of a meaningful storytelling. The most important key to the success of relationships is the human factor.
Understanding behaviors, tastes and preferences will lead us to create effective and tailor-made strategies and actions. We must be close to people and shape to the role that brands play in their lives. There are many important aspects such as trust, emotional security, transparency and social commitment of Companies, which will become real drivers of purchase.

A less sensationalistic communication is the key to transmit reality in the digital era. Encouraging simple and immediately understandable concepts.
Being human but at the same time showing a reliable reference point will be the winning key to communicate after the pandemic. We need to refocus on relations: it is a different understanding that must be filled with values.
Here you can listen to the speech of Giovanna Gagliardi - CEO of Gagliardi & Partners.