Press Office and Digital PR for design companies

Press office and digital PR activities for design companies have the function of increasing the brand awareness and improving the perception of the brand at all levels, through continuous and integrated actions that involve the various channels of communication, from press to social media.
As a press office specialized in design we had the opportunity to collaborate with different and prestigious realities in the world of furniture and accessories, experimenting multiple languages and communication approaches.
Design is our dimension, the world with which we are most comfortable and that allows the companies we collaborate with to obtain great satisfaction, investing in a "sartorial" public relations activity able to bear fruit.
How do our press office improves the reputation of the design brands we work with?
Our public relations agency has close and ongoing relations with design journalists. This allows us to be constantly updated on the magazines editorial themes, the articles in progress and all the ways our customers' products can find space, capturing the attention of buyers - both B2C and B2B - in an authoritative way.
Architects and designers are a target on which we focus various actions, coordinating with the communication objectives of our customers. We implement this strategy not only by overseeing the most interesting channels for this audience, from industry magazines to blogs, but also by connecting the brand to the most significant design events. The enhancement of relations with designers also takes place through the production of case histories: in this way the products “live” in the context of a realization and can conquer important media visibility spaces, that increase the prestige of both the company and the architect who chose it for his project.
Collaborations with opinion leaders and influencers in this field represent an additional opportunity of storytelling, to amplify contacts and strengthen the reputation of the company. A press office specialized in design has the task of taking care of personal relations and encouraging opportunities of mutual exchange with influential personalities, to create intersections between communities and expand the contacts.