How to build a PR strategy?

Building a public relations strategy requires time, consistency and planning. Before taking any concrete action it is better to sit down and identify some key points to lay the foundations of the plan and strategy. Here are the basic steps:
1) The objectives Think about your business goals and decide how your PR activities can best support them. Do you want to increase sales or brand awareness? Your goals will influence the PR strategies you adopt in the future.
2) Defining key messages This is where the mission, vision and brand values come in. What identifies the brand? What makes it unique? What value does it bring to the market compared to competitors? Considering these points will allow to model the messages to be conveyed through the PR and to maintain a communication consistency on all media.
3) Identifying targets: who are we addressing to? A deep reflection on the target audience is essential to understand how to best reach the public that interests you most with PR activities. Which publications do they read? Which bloggers/influencers do they follow? Which podcasts they listen to? Which websites do they consult? On which social networks are they? Answering these questions will help to develop targeted PR actions.
4) Building a network A good network of contacts is built over time and is constantly updated. A well-structured database is fed day by day: for example by researching publications in target, checking competitors, selecting influencers that operate in a certain niche and that are aligned with the company values.
5) Planning, planning, planning Planning the distribution of contents must consider the editorial themes covered by the magazines, events and festivities. As well as product launches, company events or special marketing campaigns.
Building an effective PR strategy is not simple, it requires a particular professionalism a constant update. Often companies fail to manage internally this so important part for business results. That’s why having a reliable and prepared communication consultant is so important.